DeGorsi luxury consulting presented Sciamat bespoke tailors, Ducal made to order shoemakers, Aishha couture, Luca Pagni eyewear and Yozique art by Sharon Jones at beHouse Milano , May 20-June 5. 2015




Sartorial & Couture, May 21st 2015
Elegance & Jewels
, May 21st 2015




DeGorsi Appointments in Florence, PITTI UOMO, January 2015


Degorsi Luxury Consulting appointments at Pitti Uomo Firenze, January 2015.
DeGorsi Luxury Consulting is elegance focused think-thank headed by Alex Dordevic and Cris Egger. Our mission is to promote excellence in craftsmanship in plethora of its facets, on global level.
From bespoke tailors to made to measure shoemakers, from intricate jewelry craftsmanship to elaborate perfumery,
DeGorsi Luxury Consulting presents only the finest there is when handmade is in question.
This year, the PITTI UOMO will be a stage for several important DeGorsi Appointments, realized in partnership with major international media, designers and brands.


1. Appointment No.1
DeGorsi presents SHOWCASE of CRAFTSMANSHIP at VILLA ARTIMINO - January 12, 8pm - dinner, invitation only.

Press and media dinner dedicated to superb craftsmanship curated by Cris Egger and Alex Dordevic, taking place at Artimino, a UNESCO heritage site. Stars of the evening will be SCIAMAT bespoke tailors, DUCAL made to measure shoemakers, STEFAN HAFNER couture jewelry and DUCCIO VENTURI, finest ladies shoes and BONGIO CASA, spectacular furniture. Lavish dinner to follow.


The House of Sciamat is distinguished by its original forms and cuts derived from the authentic classic taste and present the result of the study and research of a concept of dressing that, rather than keeping pace with the times, intend to combine experience acquired over the years.

Ducal is synonymous with style that goes beyond the trends, and is characterized by the most current nuances in Italian elegance; as well as being one hundred percent Made in Italy. Style of Ducal is recognizable immediately.

Duccio Venturi

Duccio Venturi is another participant that will make ladies happy, with its collection of superbly designed ladies shoes. Their designs are simply addictive, crafted with the finest leathers in extravagant, yet functional, models. Elegance and style are immediately recognizable trademarks of this amazing brand

Stefan Hafner

Stefan Hafner’s jewels are dreams of light that become high jewellery pieces with the purest stones and excellent Italian craftsmanship. The collections are known all over the world for their sophisticated elegance, timeless value and peculiarity in the contruction of the jewels similar to embroidery of gold, diamonds and precious stones.

Bongio Casa

Star of the Artimino Showcase of Excellence is BONGIO CASA, with its spectacular furniture pieces and one of a kind trunks for all precious items. As explained by its creator Alessandra Bongio it is a fruit of dreams that becomes new projects. So, Bongio casa is born to be a distinct sign in the new design.


UNESCO heritage site, VILLA ARTIMINO, a spectacular Medicean villa amidst lush Tuscan hills, was a splendid setting for the first edition of exclusive ARTIMINO SHOWCASE OF EXCELLENCE dedicated to the finest brands of fashion, interiors, food & hospitality industries, created by Cris Egger and Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi Luxury Consulting under artistic direction of Filip Maksimovic. The evening that presented some of the most distinguished brands of fashion jewelry and interiors, kicked off by a cocktail in the vestibule of Villa Ferdinanda, sumptuous home of the Medicis. Guests were treated to a uniquely refined selection of Artimino wines, world renowned Carmignano DOC in particular, made on the premises of impressive, 700 hectares property.


Ladies were delighted by the latest creations of Duccio Venturi shoes, who delicately mends finest leathers with precious stones and unique details.

Gentlemen’s segment was particularly attractive with presentation of Sciamat, master tailors of Puglia, whose impeccable style was demonstrated with a selection of finest cashmere coats, superior woolen jackets with, now already a trademark, slanted stitched pockets, completely hand made, with meticulous attention to details.


Showcase of Excellence was spearheaded by the couture creations of Michele Gaudiomonte, whose models were part of tableau vivants presentation at the Sala del Leone. Creations of this refined designer from south of Italy embody all the beauty of the amazing homeland of his. When partnered with HM make-up team led by Luciano Carino, the overall impression was stunning.

And as finest suits need the most refined shoes, Ducal made to order handmade shoes from Florence, were superb pairing. Exclusively for Artimino Showcase of Excellence, Ducal presented latest offering, done in amazing.


To finish a dazzling selection of brands, Stefan Hafner, famous milanese jeweler, presented their masterpieces well known among an important international clientele for the creation of sophisticated pieces of fine jewelry that interpret and display all the beauty and expressiveness of precious stones.

Contrasting amazing renaissance setting of Villa Ferdinanda in the most spectacular way, were uniquely designed furniture pieces of BONGIO CASA, headed by Alessandra Bongo, whose vision is brave and bold furniture designs f or the most particular interiors.

All the guests were later invited to the exquisite dinner at the candle lit Imperial table of magnificent Sala del Orso, where the host of the evening, Annabella Pascale introduced guest to the spectacular property and announced that ARTIMINO SHOWCASE OF EXCELLENCE will take place twice a year at VILLA ARTIMINO, as an introduction to PITTI UOMO.


2. Appointment No.2
DeGorsi presents FASHION FRAMES - SALON OF EXCELLENCE at FOUR SEASONS FIRENZE - January 13, 6-8pm. Cocktail.

Splendid setting of Four Seasons Firenze will be a fitting backdrop for unique selection of finest designs and supreme craftsmanship, curated by Cris Egger and Alex Dordevic. Stars of this edition will be handmade suits by CHIAIA Napoli, spectacular ladies shoes by DUCCIO VENTURI, uniquely dazzling STEFAN HAFNER jewels, ecclusive interiors by BONGIO. Entire event is supported by HM PROFESSIONAL HAIR &MAKE UP with patronage of CREDEM BANCA.



FASHION FRAMES - Salon of Excellence was held on January 13 at the fabulous setting of the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence. This unique happening, curated by its founder Cris Egger and Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi Luxury Consulting with support of Edoardo Tranchese of Tranchese Fotografi and HM makeup Italy, covered three equally important segments focusing hand made items for men, women and interiors. The entire event took place at the uniquely opulent FOUR SEASONS hotel in Florence, set amidst the largest private park in Europe, Giardino della Gherrardesca, that was a logical setting for this edition of Salon of excellence First mens edition presented some of the finest artisans of bespoke tailoring and shoemaking for gentlemen.


In the spotlight was superb neapolitan tailoring house Chiaia presented by its founder Gennaro Annunziata, who demonstrate his impeccable taste and daring style of tailored pieces. Beautiful peaked label 2 buttons jackets, with intrinsically tailored pants, a house trademark, once introduced Annunziata senior, were some of the highlights. This young tailoring house with impeccable lineage , is a true gem among todays fine tailoring aficionados.

Newest segment of Fashion Frames, INTERIORS, showed works of Bongio Casa, led by talented Alessandra Bongio, continuing 80 years tradition of creating superbly designed interiors pieces. A highlight of the presentation was a white leather trunk case, designed with meticulous attention to details with a touch of avant-garde. Both functional and beautiful.
Bespoke shoemaking was presented at its best by uniquely refined Bocache Salvucci, who showed us what a true craftsmen do, with an amazing array of splendid shoes in cherry colored calf, crocodile and ostrich. From crocodile slip ons in dizzying array of colors, along with sublime brogues and cap-toed models that emanate attention to details and finest execution, Bocache Salvucci underscored their position as the leading bespoke shoemakers of the moment.
This year’s emerging designer presented at Fashion Frames was Dejana Momcilovic, high profile contemporary women's designer of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp background. For the occasion 4 hand embroidered pieces in white black and red netlike fabric, were a true sign of contemporary direction of this progressive designer.
Duccio Venturi opted for a spectacular location of Capella where they introduced latest shoe creations in a very intimate setting, with stunning frescoes decorations that gave additional exclusivity to this ladies bottier, marking that elegance and style are immediately recognizable trademarks of this amazing brand.
Special thanks to Camera buyer Italiana and Former president Beppe Angiolini who was a special guest,together with the Mario Dell Oglio, present President. The entire event is held in partnership with HM Makeup Italy - professional makeup and hairstyle.
All photos under I Tranchese Photography copyright. For additional inquiries pls send an email to or call +39 342 9339187.


3. Appointment No.3
DeGorsi presents 54 HOURS OF RUBINACCI - film premiere and round table dedicated to bespoke tailoring at the MONSIEUR Lounge at Fortezza da Basso, Costruzioni Lorenesi on January 14, 12 30pm

World Premiere of the unique film dedicated to the tailoring masters Rubinacci presenting their arts and crafts when creating a bespoke suit in 54 hours. The film premiere will be followed by a discussion chaired by Franz Botré of Monsieur magazine, moderated by Giancarlo Maresca with participation of Mariano Rubinacci, Luca Rubinacci and Alex Dordevic, producer of the film.


At Pitti Uomo, on January 14, Monsieur lounge was the hotspot of elegance during the world premiere of the 54 hours of Rubinacci documentary produced by Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi Luxury Consulting and Luca Rubinacci. Film was shot in Naples in May 2014, with famed cinematographer Ivan Sijak (SAS) and directed by Alek Conic. It follows the story about all the phases of work necessary to be undertaken when producing a bespoke suit by RUBINACCI. In the film, creation of a piece of sartorial art is explained in detail by Mariano Rubinacci and Luca Rubinacci.
During the world premiere, hosted by Franz Botre - owner of MONSIEUR magazine, Luca Rubinacci underscored the importance of preserving the sartorial art and that the intention of the 54 hours of Rubinacci is precisely that, to allow everyone to get to know what a true bespoke suit really means. Producer of the film, Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi Luxury Consulting, explained that the intention of the film is to document the craftsmanship of masters of tailoring, whose art is at peril to be forgotten. The world premiere followed discussion moderated by historian Giancarlo Maresca, who wrapped up the whole event by pointing out the importance of dedicated craftsmen, in the world of ever changing style.



4. Appointment No.4
DeGorsi presents in cooperation with Stefano Bemer and BeSpoke magazine, MASTERS OF ELEGANCE - sartorial showcase exhibition during the BeSpoke night in Florence event at VILLA CORA hotel - January 14, 8 pm. Reception, invitation only

Finest tailors of the world will be joined by top shoemakers and finest timepieces. You will see exclusive bespoke selection of unique suits created by Rubinacci, Cifonelli, Ferdinando Caraceni, Ripense and Sciamat with precious Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics. All shirts will be by Siniscalchi and shoes by Corthay, Gaziano Girling, George Cleverley, Saint Crispin’s and Stefano Bemer. The event is held in conjunction with BeShoes symposium, organized by Giansandro Cantori of BeSpoke magazine with Stefano Bemer’s patron Tommaso Melani and curated by Simon Crompton of Permanent style.



5. Appointment No.5
Now already famous STRADA DEL UOMO in Milan, was particularly vibrant on the occasion of the opening of brand new RUBINACCI flagship and premiere of the 54 hours of Rubinacci at the Milanese headquarters. Splendid evening was hosted by Mariano Rubinacci & Luca Rubinacci with entire family present, welcoming the elite of fashion business and media. In attendance were Gildo Zegna, Franz Botre of Monsieur, Susie Menkes of VOGUE, Giansandro Cantori and Paola Perfetti of BeSpoke magazine, Robert Rabensteiner of L’Uomo Vogue, Michele Lupi of Icon and many others.



24 hours of Elegance 2014, Royal Palace and Grand Casino Belgrade highlights



Salon of Excellence at Grand Casino Belgrade, part of 24 Hours of Elegance Belgrade 2014 event

Participating speakers and brands were:
CIFONELLI presented by Lorenzo Cifonelli and Romain le Dantec
CORTHAY presented by Pierre Corthay
MARTELL presented by Anja Pajevic
SCABAL presented by Benjamin Haggerman
RENE CAOVILLA presented by Cris Egger
TOURING SUPERLEGGERA presented by Franco Ronchi
PARISIAN GENTLEMAN presented by Hugo Jacomet

Partners of 24 hours of Elegance 2014. Touring Superleggera - an icon of automotive design.

Partners of 24 hours of Elegance 2014. Touring Superleggera, an icon of automotive design. During the recent Auto Moto e d'Epoca in Padua, representatives from 24 hours of Elegance were presented with one of Superleggera's top body models – the 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 SuperSprint. With its refined lines and details, it demonstrates Superleggera's unique style. This particular model was in its original condition and with its original registration plates which were found 30 years later. Its beauty was revealed during this year's event, being only 1 of 248 SuperSprint Series 2 models that were manufactured with an engine size of 1975 ccm, dual carburettors, engine power of 115CV @ 5500 rpm and a maximum speed of over 190 km/h. Mr. Franco Ronchi, President of Touring Superleggera, took the time to share the history of this magnificent car with us.