DeGorsi presents Chiaia, Ducal, Siniscalchi, Viola Milano & Faggioli Atelier   Four Seasons Firenze, Thursday, January 9 / 6-8PM - Pitti 2020

“GENERALI 24 hours of ELEGANCE 2019 powered by Jaguar”, 6 - 8 September 2019
As an international event, Generali 24 hours of Elegance was dedicated to the celebration of prestigious brands that are synonymous with a supreme quality of manufacture and meticulous, detailed craftsmanship. The guests shared their passion for classic cars, and for elegance, style and refinement, in the uniquely captivating settings of the Royal Palace and Belgrade Waterfront development.  As this year’s edition was dedicated to British masters of elegance, it was attended and championed by superlative and world-renowned craftsmen from that country, such as EDWARD SEXTON, the iconic bespoke tailor from London, GAZIANO & GIRLING, the superb bespoke shoemakers, TURNBULL & ASSER, the celebrated shirt-makers to kings and statesmen, HARRISONS OF EDINBURGH, the famed purveyors of finest cloth, and VIOLA MILANO, the renowned maker of accessories. The event was comprised of the following segments: Master of Excellence exhibition of top artisans at the Royal Palace; Concours d’Elegance with top classic cars collectors; Salon of  Excellence - conference and the exhibition at the Belgrade Waterfront, and the Trunk Show at Hyatt Regency presidential suite. 
Salon of Excellence 2019 at 24 HOURS OF ELEGANCE
Dominic Sebag Montefiore, creative director of Edward Sexton, legendary bespoke tailors from London, in conversation with Alex Dordevic, chairman of the Generali 24 hours of Elegance at Belgrade Waterfront, on September 7, 2019
James Cook, head of Turnbull & Asser- Jermyn street, iconic bespoke shirt-makers from London, in conversation with Alex Dordevic, chairman of the Generali 24 hours of Elegance at Belgrade Waterfront, on September 7, 2019
Tom Eriksson, creative director of Viola Milano, internationally recognized lifestyle online emporium, in conversation with Alex Dordevic, chairman of the Generali 24 hours of Elegance at Belgrade Waterfront, on September 7, 2019
Masters of Elegance - Chappel of Excellence at Four Seasons Firenze, June 11, 2019

Masters of Craftsmanship - Seal of Excellence recognition June 11,


Masters of Elegance by DeGorsi at Four Seasons Florence, June 11, 2019

Masters of Elegance 2019 Gennaro Annunziata of Chiaia Napoli
Lorenzo Cifonelli Masters of Craftsmanship - Siniscalchi and Roberto Ugolini with author Yoshimi Hasagawa
Gennaro Annunziata in conversation with Vassilis Bourtsalas - Bespoke Athens
Valentino Ricci of Sciamat
Cifonelli details Roberto Ugolini Firezne spectre of creativity
Elegance by Chiaia Elegance by Chiaia in grey
Sciamat details Siniscalchi shirt jacket
Umberto Paccotto of Lanificio Cerruti Family bonds
Fashion Frames featuring Lusso Mediterraneo Fashion Frames featuring Giosa Milano
Lady Sciamat by Silvana Ricci  
Masters of Elegance on June 11, 2019 at The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Borgo Pinti, 99,
1. Salon of Excellence conference and awards
Salon of Excellence - Conference on Eco Sustainability of fashion, moderated by Fabiana Giacomotti, with Alessandro Botta (Lanificio DRAGO), Franz Botre (ARBITER magazine), Maro Del’Oglio( BEST SHOPS) and Helen Lambert Associates
Award for ECO Sustainability in 2018 presented to LANIFICIO DRAGO for their role in creating sustainable and eco friendly business model
Award for Fashion business development in 2018 presented to Mario dell Oglio for Best Shops project.


2. Masters of Elegance - Showcase and Cognac Talks
Hugo Jacomet of Parisian Gentleman presented new tech-flannel cloth created by Lanificio Drago exclusively for Cifonelli, Paris.
Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi, chaired the Martell Cognac Talks with Wei Koh of The Rake and Mat Hranek of WM Brown magazines, on current media trends and more.
Seal of Excellence has been awarded to each of Masters of Elegance:
Lorenzo Cifonelli of Cifonelli, Paris
Valentino Ricci of Sciamat 
Gennaro Annunziata of Chiaia, Napoli.
Masters of Craftsmanship powered by Arbiter magazine, featured SINISCALCHI Milano (shirts) and Calzaturificio DUCAL Firenze (shoes)
3. Fashion Frames showcase and Art exhibition
Lady Cris Egger curated FASHION FRAMES selection of established and emerging jewelers ( renowned Marina Corazziari jewelry, Savini Jewels, Berg / IJG jewelers, and young fashion brand Agarw - Ud)
Artist Jakob Bolotin was featured in the art segment of the event, with his fashion inspired artworks created in unique collage technique.
Fantastic evening at the luxurious Westin Excelsior Firenze hotel was supported with a superb selection of CUVAGE spumante
MASTERS OF ELEGANCE powered by DRAGO The Westin Excelsior Florence, Piazza Ognissanti, 3, Tuesday, January 8, 2019
18:00h CONFERENCE Eco-sustainability of Luxury business with top fashion buyers, in collaboration with Mario dell’Oglio, president of the Italian chamber of fashion buyers 19:00h MASTERS of ELEGANCE by DRAGO / SHOWCASE and the AWARD CEREMONY A showcase of splendid evening elegance, tailored by style masters and selected by Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi, featuring; Lorenzo Cifonelli (CIFONELLI), Valentino Ricci (SCIAMAT), Gennaro Annunziata (CHIAIA) with Masters of Craftsmanship: Ducal (shoemakers, Florence), Siniscalchi (bespoke shirt makers, Milan) 19 :30h Fashion Frames curated by Cris Egger featuring: Berg (jewelry), AGARW-UD (contemporary fashion), Savini Jewels( jewelry) Exhibition of art-illustrations by JAKOB BOLOTIN with cocktail powered by CUVAGE